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Welcome to the HiSoF website !

HiSoF Book 2 launched with resent research results and data

The second volume of "Revisit The Hiroshima A-bomb with a Database -Latest Scientific View on Local Fallout and Black Rain-" launched (see Publications page).


Still seeking upper-air wind data

Hiroshima City and HiSoF are still in search of meteorological observation data on/around the day of the Hiroshima A-bombing. Your help and collaboration would be enormously appreciated. For details about its research target, please refer to HiSoF news dated on May 29, 2012(see News page).


Purpose of this website

The main purpose of this website is to provide a database and the latest scientific findings on local fallout and black rain from the A-bomb explosion at Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, with a view to conducting an inter-laboratory comparison of model simulations re-constructing local fallout and black rain.

A-bomb on Hiroshima city 1945

Recent Updates

2016-12-15 Updated HiSoF's member list.

2015-06-01 Updated HiSoF's member list.

2013-03-22 Announcement on a new HiSoF book (see Publications page and News page), uploaded new data (see Database page).

2012-12-26 International meeting on ‘black rain’ suspended (see News page). Uploaded additional data on wind field (see Databases page).

2012-05-29 Help us with upper-air wind data !

2012-02-08 News Page has been created. New findings and coming activities of HiSoF will be announced on this page.

2011-11-22 Correcting and Replacing: Table 2 and Table 3 of the article "Radiation survey activities in the early stages after the atomic bombing in Hiroshima" by Tetsuji Imanaka in the HiSoF report "Revisit the Hiroshima A-bomb with a Database : Latest Scientific View on Local Fallout and Black Rain", July 2011, pp. 69-81, has been corrected due to editing error. Those tables have been replaced with the corrected version (see Database).

2011-07-15 launched a HiSoF report (see Publications page; for Japanese summary, see Japanese page) and updated databases.

2011-02-08 Revised a table of contents of forthcoming book, added related document, and renewed databases.

2011-01-07 Renewed the databases page and updated data on wind.

2010-11-25 The HiSoF website launched.

About HiSoF in brief

The Hiroshima Study Group on Re-construction of Local Fallout from A-bomb in 1945 (HiSoF) is a group of researchers including meteorologists, radiobiologists, nuclear engineers, as well as experts in medicine, statistics and other related fields. Hiroshima City invited researchers to perform studies and re-examine the effects of local fallout and "black rain" resulting from the explosion of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

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Record of update
Launch : 2010-11-25
Update : 2016-12-15


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